Double pole at 12H Brno!

The best qualifying of the season in 24H Series final!

Pole position, with a margin, for both the SP3 Lotus Evora GT4 and the A5 BMW E46 M3 after the qualifying sessions in the final race of the 2015 24H Series in Brno 10-11 October.

The starting point could not have been better for Hal Prewitt (USA) who was the strongest contender for the overall driver’s championship title behind Chantal Kroll of Kroll Racing. Both Hal and Chantal were doubling their chances by driving two cars at this race, and with Hal only 1 point behind Chantal having pole in both his classes, the outlook could not have been better for the Cor Euser Racing star driver.

10291726_724081444391635_2881597917355633152_nTeamed with Cor Euser (NLD) himself and pro-driver Danny van Dongen (NLD) on the Lotus Evora and with pro-drivers and brothers Jacky and Ricardo van der Ende (NLD) in the BMW M3, Hal Prewitt had very good cards on his hands and in the first 20 minutes of the race the two cars pulled away confidently from the class opponents. The Motors TV and Internet broadcasts were filled with the two cars making excellent progress and following each other as if they were connected by an invisible cord – until suddenly the BMW’s rears locked up and it span out of the  picture; ABS failure. However, it was quickly fixed and with more than 11 hours to go, the team soon got back into fast laptimes and started reeling in the competition.

1781937_724160591050387_8029302818768878309_nPrecisely after 2 hours, Cor came into the pit for the first driver change, but was held at the penalty area for having driven too fast! Very harsh, but rules are rules. Danny got into the car, but did not get away smoothly; a reset was needed. Unfortunately, this was to be the first of a series of throttle body issues causing the car to stop on track repeatedly and tumbling down the standings. Eventually an electrical gremlin was identified in a connector and once fixed the car run fine, but could not salvage more than P4 of 8 in SP3.

In the meantime, Murphy had struck the M3 and sent it backwards into the barriers. Repaired, but no longer able to outrun the competition, the car finished P7 of 8.

Obviously disappointed by not having been able to convert the brilliant qualifying into podium finishes, the team had to concede both overall driver’s championship title as well as team titles in the 2015 24H Series.

Read the full race report and his reflection on the season in the press release published by Hal Prewitt.

Cor Euser Racing will be back even stronger for the 2016 edition of the 24H Series, starting with the 24H of Dubai 14-16 January. Do get in touch if you want to be part of a winning team driving the Lotus Evora GT4 or the BMW E46 M3!

In the meantime, we are rounding off the season with the world record 32H MaxiEndurance race in Portimao 20-22/11! We are bringing the BMW 120D, last year class winner and overall P3, as well as the M3. There are still last minute driver seats available – do get in touch if you want to win with us!!!