Fastest race laps and Race win; success!

Cor Euser and Willem Meyer (NLD) participated in the DRDO races at Assen 25 September with the BMW E46 M3. Only beaten by a very quick BMW M3 GTR to the pole position, starting from P2 in Race one Cor could quickly take over the lead and drive away from the rest of the field setting the fastest laptime of the race. After the driver change, Willem, first time in this car, held the position perfectly until a slow puncture put an end to the good run. Race two saw Cor advance from P6 to the lead with another fastest race laptime and with no bad luck this time, Willem crossed the finish line as the winner of the race!

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We dusted off old Herbie – and won!

It is old and it is not very fast, but never think it cannot win races! Cor Euser, Pieter Euser and Willem Meyer drove a perfect strategy race with the little BMW 120d and could after 12 hours just snatch the victory 12 seconds in front of a much faster Renault Clio!

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Great effort, but no podium in Barcelona

With 10 entries in the A3 class, the Cor Euser Racing’s BMW E46 M3 had some serious competition from a great variety of cars; Peugeot 208 GTi, Honda Civic Type R, BMW 32oD, Seat Leon Supercopa, and BMW M235i. Drivers Cor Euser (NLD), Dirk Schulz (DEU), Dom Bastien (USA) and Meisam Taheri (TUR) were quicker than most (2nd fastest race lap), and were for a long time holding P2 and catching P1, but when the gearbox gave up in the early morning hours it was game over and only a P7 in the end.

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