From Disaster to Success in Palanga!

When the Marcos was crashed badly in Free Practice, things looked pretty grim for drivers Cor Euser, Jim Briody and Stasys Brundza, but the team had an ace up their sleeve! Tucked away in the race trailer was the old BMW E36 318ti – let’s race with that! With the help of a flexible organiser and a slight adjustment of the roll-cage, the #70 was moved from the wrecked Marcos to the Compact. Still racing in the X1 class with the likes of an Aquila CR1, the odds were not high, but as always – we’re in it to win it!

Steady does it; outpaced by all but two other cars in the entire 40 car field, the little Compact made its laps, again and again, while many other cars needed extra pitstops for repairs or simply eliminated themselves, the Compact kept going. In fact, so well that in the end we came P2 in class only beaten by the Aquila who also came P2 overall!

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